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Ann was born in Jackson Heights, New York and received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art (Mass Art) in Boston, MA where she studied under Rob Moore and Elizabeth Dworkin. After graduating from Mass Art, she attended two semesters of graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) before returning to the Boston area. There she taught, juried shows and exhibited in her work.  


Ann comes out of a rich history of abstract expressionist painters. You can see the influence of Cy Twombly, Elizabeth Dworkin, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Cornell and Jean-Michel Basquiat in her work. She doesn’t limit her paintings to the 2-dimensional surface. She adds objects, photos and just about anything to create rich imagery. Her works have a sense of play, mystery and humor.

She paints in a small studio in North Austin where she lives with her dog Vivi.

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